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The Association’s member  may be any organisation with legal statute which is interested in directly and actively sustain, promote the Association profile and its objectives, which assumes the provisions of this statute and pay the membership in due time.
The membership application will be decided by the Administrative Council. The council also decide the acceptance or exclusion of the members. The membership applications are subjected to the the General Assembly for approval.

Membership fees are established depending on the companies annual turnover:
-          less than 5.000.000 €                                                   = 1.500 € / year
-          between 5.000.000 -1.000.000 €                               = 3.000 € / year
-          over 10.000.000 €                                                         = 4.000 € / year

The membership fee is expressed in EURO and may be paid in EUR, USD or Romanian currency considering the National Bank exchange rate. The membership fee can be changed only by the General Assembly. The fee is paid annualy, in advance at the time of application and then, at the time of annual aniversary.

To be enlisted in the association database and benefit of its services and be released a member certificate, the future members should enlist individually by filling the Application form.

The members that lost the membership can not claim upon The Association patrimony.

The members have the following rights:

·         To elect and be elected in the Administrative Council;

.        To attend the General Assemblies, to actively involve in the Association performances;

·         Based on the member identification card, they have free access to all the meetings and activities organised by the association, database, services, advantages and facilities organised by the association;

·         They may use, upon request, support and counselling regarding the development of their professional development ;

·         To receive the association publications and published communicates and advertisments complying with the conditions established by the editor and Association representatives;

·         To participate together with the Association to the establishment of companies in order to support the association activity;

·         The association members may be part of other associations, groups, institutions or organisations with or withour legal status.


The association members have the following obligations:

.          To comply with the Association statute and rules;

.          To contribute through their activity to achive the Association goals and objectives;

.          To consolidate and develop the Association;

.          To pay in due time the fees;

.          To provide the Association with relevant information on their activity;

.          To attent and support the meetings and any other activities organised by the Association.

Each member is entitled to vote in the General Assemblies on condition the fees are paid-up. The fees are established by General Assembly decisions in it is paid in the Association account.

The fees and funds of any kind can not be paid back and they will be exclusively used to achieve the Association goals and objective.


The membership ceases:
  1. a) on request;
  2. b) if the fee payment is overdue for more than 3 months ;
  3. C) If  intentionally breaks the rules of the Statute and acts against the Association interests ;

The membership certificate will be withdrawn when the membership ceases and it will be returned to the Association.
The administrative council will erase from the records the members that lose their membership in conformity with the article mentioned above.
The exclusion decided by the Administrative Council may be appelled to the General Assembly. The General Assembly decision is final and irrevocable.

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