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R.I.A. is a public professional association with legal personality, autonomous, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit, constituted and functioning based on the the Law no. 26/2000 regarding the associations and foundations.

R.I.A. activity profile:

  • Supporting the development of its members activity by creating National Development Programmes that would be recognised by the national and international legal bodies.
  • Representating, promoting, supporting and protecting the association members interests in relationships with the public authorities, the unions, physical and legal persons, and the relations between them;
  • Fulfilling the representative role of a promotion center within the european centers net of intermodal transport promotion, acting as a logistic center between naval, highway and railway transports;
  • Proposing to competent authorities and sustaining laws, reglementations, technical and administrative measures in order to develop the intermodal transport;
  • Encouraging and promoting the best standards  of professional qualification, competence and knowledge for the personnel involved in the specfic activities;
  • Acting to removing of some possible inconveniences that may occur from the application of administrative measures, abusive misinterpretation of norms, orders and laws into force that come against the interests of association members and competent organisations
  • Acting to obtain different facilities in its members interests and to increase the association professional influence within the romanian intermodal transport
  • Informing the public opinion, local and districtual authorities, the Government and the Parliament about the purposes and requests of the association members and development of opportunities in romanian intermodal transports;
  • Collaborating with other professional associations , with private organisation from Romania and abroad , with economic agents or national and international organisms, with similar bodies from Europe and worldwide , directly or through their representatives in Romania;
  • Facilitating the knowledge and information exchange and encouraging the research through active participation in reseach projects and publishing their outputs.
  • Supporting the projects to develop intermodal transport in Romania, including those based on private/free initiative.
  • Promoting the Danube as the principal traffic way to transit goods to and from central Europe
  • Supporting and organising the activities of professional training, qualification and requalification directing the labour force for its members and for all categories of solicitors, initiating or participating to the to training and seminars in the country and abroad,
  • Cooperation with the romanian government and other governmental institutions involved in the field of training and certification of the personnel working in transports field, with institutions, universities, schools accredited by the Romanian Government to perform these activities
  • Active participation to the social dialogue, attracting the professional potential of the experts in supporting the romanian state strategic decisions and promoting of an appropriate social climate for professional and economic activities
  • Supporting its members interests through ensuring their access to information, services, studies, organisation and administration of specialised fairs or other activities;
  • Administration/management of some objectives, spaces, or edifices supporting the activity of the association
  • Editing newspapers, magazines, books, notes, publications and mass-media cooperation in order to sustain the members activities and the association.
  • Creating and administrating a web site where to find relevant information about the Association and its specific activities;  
  • To promote the integrate management systems of information within the transports field
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