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  • The Danube, some facts and remarks....
  1. Transportation on the Danube inland waterway is a viable mode for all kind of products/goods, because it operates just in time and we have a lot of free capacity, making sure that we can guarantee you efficient transportation.
  2. The Danube offers the shortest route for the cargoes/goods on the corridor Far East Central and Eastern European countries.
  3. The Danube connects to an integrated network in the whole of Europe.
  4. Transport on the Danube is an interesting and positive transport alternative.
  5. There is a significant potential of traffic along Danube, therefore transport on the Danube is the way to go.

The Guide to the Danube, the inland waterway connecting the Black Sea to the heart of Europe


Ghid Dunare  - RO


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 July 2011 )